It is early Mother’s Day morning and I have decided to change the article I am to submit tomorrow. I was thinking about my children and Mother’s Day. Then I thought about my husband…which led me to thinking about how we all fit together.

I have been accused of “male bashing” especially when it comes to my humor and for this I apologize.  Not that I laugh, but for the perception.  Most recently a story on the news caught my attention. A 43 year-old man bought a pet alligator 5 years ago to use as a “chick magnet.”  He is still single.   Need I say More?

Sometimes, inspiration just comes to us when we least expect it.  As you read this, Mother’s Day is long gone, Memorial Day has just passed and Father’s Day is fast approaching. Let this serve as a public acknowledgement of appreciation for what I have learned from some of my male friends, colleagues, mentors and family members.

Allow me to share-

As an adult, watching the differences between little boys and girls convinced me that we are internally different. Men and Women think, socialize, play and even forgive differently. This is an ongoing process throughout life. You know this is true.

The majority of my business mentors have been male.  This has been important in my professional and personal growth.  They have helped to train my logic and gain control of my emotions in certain circumstances.  They have been cheerleaders and provided encouragement when needed.  They are solution focused and want to fix the problem.  Women often need to process and talk about about the problem over and over again (not bad – reduces stress) but they also need a gentle reminder to move on and take action if possible.  I have learned from them that sometimes saying less has value… it leaves time for thought.


Men have the role as warrior or protector of women and children.  While I am sure we know plenty of strong “kick-butt” women, it is nice to know that I personally don’t have to be that way all the time.  Let’s face it the majority of our public service protectors and husbands are male. With my age there has come an acceptance that men are physically bigger and stronger and for that I am grateful.

They tend to be more physical even in their play! Although, women are beginning to learn from men about physical activity! Too often women shop, and men golf or ski!


Men gather and are content to watch a ball game together without having to entertain each other.  Women need to accept that a father and son can feel connected by watching a ball game or working on a car together. Because there isn’t much verbal communication women often think there is something wrong or missing.   Think about times in your life when there was a feeling of contentment and positive energy just knowing someone you care about was in the same room without a single word being said.

Men forgive more easily. They tend to move on.  Notice in sports they compete, engage in  aggressive sport behavior, then game over and they are friends! They get over “stuff” much quicker than most of us women types.  Also, they tend not to engage in destructive gossip which is a great trait.


Men are extremely important in a child’s development.  I so appreciate the parental partnership.  The role of fathers has been changing and what a gift.  Dad’s are becoming more involved in the day to day care of children.  They carpool, attend sporting activities, change diapers, help with homework, grocery shopping and dinner!  They show their daughters how they should be treated by the future men in their lives and their sons how to be a good mate.

Father’s Day is just a reminder of what we should do everyday.  We should honor the people who teach, guide, protect and love us on a daily basis.  Special thanks to my handsome husband and my dad.

I may have to laugh at the occasional idiot but how different is that from “blond jokes”?

Happy Father’s Day!!!

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