Re-live the joy of summer and connect to water!

Most of us have fond memories of a childhood moment where we had the freedom to lollygag and play in the water.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the beach, a lake, the pool, a fountain or the garden hose.  Just do it! 


Take some time to relax and connect with your inner child … even if it’s only splashing your feet!

Notice how it can cool you down physically and calm your spirit!  Make time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.



  1. Chelynn Weimer on at 1:40 PM

    Laura, thank you for sharing your thoughts & feelings on this subject! I did a lot of water play this week myself in watering at two different houses! I played in the water (hose & puddles at the park) with my family dog and my 17 month old nephew. I agree these are fun times to play especially in a heat wave! Your blogs rock and are very much appreciated!

  2. Kate Hoover (aka Kathy) on at 11:37 AM

    I love your website & I love this idea. However, I’d have to get a hotel room to find an outdoor pool. Hmmm, not a bad idea either 🙂 The garden hose would just bring on the mosquitoes. So, maybe a cool bath will do the trick. Life is pretty good now.

  3. Joey Garafano on at 1:18 PM

    Every morning I sit on my dock and have my morning coffee (5:15 AM)sometimes and early morning swim. Every evening I do the same but with a touch of the grape and feet in the water. Life is good grasshopper…..

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