Individual Therapy

Counseling- Involves problem solving, specific strategies and sometimes advice giving.  Psychotherapy- Involves processing your experiences to gain insight into your behavior, internal thoughts and feelings.


Family / Marital Therapy: A systemic approach that identifies structure, communication patterns, rituals and beliefs and then explores strategies to increase happiness and social functioning within the family.  It is important to note that even if only one person goes to counseling / therapy there will still be an impact on the family.


Coaching: Focuses on goal setting, motivation, and achievement.


In-Home Support Services for the Elderly and their Families: Case Management-Coordination of resources to meet the needs of families.

In-service/Staff Training: Boundaries, Addiction, Communication

CAMFT Certified Supervisor

AAMFT Approved Supervisor

Supervision is available for trainees, interns or licensed professional.

Individual and Group

Providing supervision is one facet of what I do as a therapist.  Making a commitment to trainees and interns, and the profession is important.  It is necessary to offer a safe place to explore our own process and decision making as clinicians.

Besides case consultation and exploration, it is often helpful to discuss how we are managing in the profession, expectations, and our ability to separate from our work.



Positive Psychology- Focusing on strengths, balance, and resiliency in a holistic manner to increase the enjoyment of life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- Understanding how automatic thoughts influence behavior and mood.  Then systematically working to alter thinking patterns in order to manage emotional distress and change behavior.  Changing how we think about something can change how we feel and what we do.

Communication- Exploring patterns of productive vs. destructive styles of communication.  Skill building, role playing, and education are used to increase our ability to hear others and be understood.